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Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson - Dark Matter Cinema

A nice gift to cinema lovers who like to explore alternative ways of interpreting the moving image, by means of a social, playful activity.
Dark Matter Cinema is a way to experience cinema by opening up possibilities of infra-image perception and liminal states of consciousness, reaching towards the dark matter that haunts the cinematographic image. The makers also hope to tease out alternative narrative and even divinatory possibilities that may be harboured in a single frame of film, requiring no more than the right encounter with other instants similarly torn from time for them to be revealed.

Each session may begin or end with a collective reading of the Dark Matter Cinema Tarot – for which the designers have replaced all the face and numbered cards with 78 still images dredged up from their own cinematic memory.

The assembled Committee are invited to pose questions, which the group will try to answer together by asking the tarot cards, with each reading forming a chain of gestures, postures, situations and relations that may also set you off down unforeseen narrative paths. “This will serve as preparation to enter a night where all cows are dark, and images sleepwalk in the folds of time.” (Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson)

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