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Various Artists - École Samira Bellil & École Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Continuing in the tradition of children’s free expression en vogue in the 1960s and 1970s, this record is the first vinyl-release in more than 30 years of music from Freinet primary schools.
No reworkings of well known pop-nuggets or reinterpretations of the “sound du jour”, but original material. And original it is!!

The kids from l’École Samira Bellil in St. Denis – a “socially challenged” Paris suburb open side A with an ESG-style no-wave romp, musing about the impossibilities of childhood they will soon overcome (“if I could go to Paris all by myself I would/but hey PAS POSSIBLE”) before delving into some completely gratifying electro-accoustic experiments.

On the flipside the kids from l’École Jaques-Yves Cousteau in Plougonven – way out in the middle of nowhere Bretagne – seem to be echoing the sounds of illegal raves floating out over the pastures on the early morning bus ride to school.
They’ll have their own party in the music studio during recess.

This is not music for kids or even “kids-music”, it is simply one of the freshest records of the year that just happens to be made by a bunch of pre-teens from France.


A1 –École Samira Bellil Amis Pour La Vie / Si Je Pouvais
A2 –École Samira Bellil Ange / Maxance
A3 –École Samira Bellil Wande
A4 –École Samira Bellil Wisdom

B1 –École Jacques-Yves Cousteau C’est de la…
B2 –École Jacques-Yves Cousteau Tommy
B3 –École Jacques-Yves Cousteau Electro Death
B4 –École Jacques-Yves Cousteau Hoooooooooo
B5 –École Jacques-Yves Cousteau Le Désert

To be played at 45 RPM.

Medium: 10"
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