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Margaret Dickinson (Ed.) - Rogue Reels. Oppositional Film in Britain, 1945-90

A chunky compendium to the independent cinema which accompanied the radical politics of the 1960s and 70s. Part 1 gives an outline of the history, the backdrop against which the filmmakers developed their ideas. Part 2 brings together key texts and documents from 1971-’92.  Part 3 entitled ‘Oral histories’ consists of (fragments of) interviews, portraying the most important production houses. The author, herself a film-maker and critic, has documented the history of the IFA and much of the rest of British oppositional film culture since the Second World War. This avant-garde exerted an increasing influence within the British media mainstream – changing attitude and practice, and enabling cross-over work by filmmakers such as Peter Greenaway and Sally Potter. This publication is a guide to understanding the interrelations between moving image practice, activism and institutions in Britain.

Publisher: British Film Institute / ISBN: 978-0-8517072-7-3
Medium: Book

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