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Nicolaas Steelink & Bert van Wakeren - Reis in Droomland

– Je was erbij, je dacht er over dus je bent erbij. The Dutch Journey in Dreamland is the autobiography of that maverick Willem Steelink, a Dutch lad who pursued the American Dream with too much zeal. His ideas of democracy and civil rights landed him in St. Quentin. Politics aside, his true passion was football. Steelink, who lived to the grand old age of 99, recollects his childhood in Amsterdam and writes of his ideals upon entering the New World in the second decade of the 20th century. His troubles begin when, as a humble wage earner in Los Angeles, he joins the IWW, the union of the Industrial Workers of the World. As a consequence of the notorious Palmerraids Steelink finds himself in the dock. Looking back on his life in the fifties, at the height of the McCarthy terror, he decides to write his memoires entitled “Journey in Dreamland”, which only appears in print in this translated version.

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