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Randy Gibson - Analog Apparitions

Analog Apparitions, by Brooklyn-based composer Randy Gibson, is a pair of 30-minute compositions designed specifically to be recorded and released on cassette tape. A student of seminal Minimalist composer La Monte Young, Gibson follows in the tradition of prime harmonic just intonation pioneered by Young in the 1960s. Apparitions of the Four Pillars, the underlying composition on this tape, explores the depth of the harmonic series through standard just-intonation methods and the use of higher prime-harmonic relationships. In the eighteen hours of recordings layered onto the two sides of the cassette you can hear the mechanism of the tape itself, the evolution of improvisations over seven recording sessions, and the purity of sine waves in complex prime-harmonic relationships.

Track listing:
A: The First Analog Pillar with its Simplest Primes and The Harbinger of The Second Pillar with The Low Madora Cornerstone and The Outlying Primal Cirrus from Apparitions of The Four Pillars
B: The Third Analog Pillar with its Lowest Primes and The Ersatz Souvenir of The Second Pillar with The High Madora Cornerstone and The Outlying Primal Abyss from Apparitions of The Four Pillars.

Recorded on a Marantz PMD222 with Maxell UR-90 cassettes Brooklyn, NY VI-xix-2010 to VII-xxiv-2010. Randy Gibson: just intonation toy organs, voice; Drew Blumberg: cassette boomboxes; Laine Rettmer: voice (B).

Illustration – Oscar Henriquez.

Label: The Tapeworm / TTW#24
Artist: Randy Gibson
Medium: Music Cassette
Category: .


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