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Radical Philosophy - 2.11

One of many self-published left-wing journals that were founded in Britain in the early 1970s, Radical Philosophy is today, however, more or less alone in its continuing independence from corporate publishing and in its political commitment to a collective editorial project.

Dossier: Kojève on Europe and the USSR

– Kojève out of Eurasia – by Trevor Wilson
– Toward an Assessment of Modernity – by Alexandre Kojève
– Philosophy and the Communist Party – by Alexandre Kojève


Human Species as Biopolitical Concept – by Etienne Balibar

The Threshold of Fire – by Ahmed Diaa Dardir

Towards a Juridical Archaeology of Primitive Accumulation – by Michele Spanò

The Problem is Proletarianisation, not Capitalism – by Solange Manche

Jean-Luc Nancy, 1940-2021 – by Joanna Hodge83799


Aaron Benanav, Automation and the Future of Work; Jason E. Smith, Smart Machines and Service Work – by Amelia Horgan

Judith Butler, The Force of Non-Violence; Elizabeth Frazer and Kimberly Hutchings, Can Political Violence Ever Be Justified?; Adriana Cavarero with Judith Bulter and Bonnie Honig, Towards a Feminist Ethics of Nonviolence. – by Alister Wedderburn

Katrina Forrester, In the Shadow of Justice – by Jonathan Egid

Bhandar and Ziadah, eds, Revolutionary Feminisms – by Helene Kazan

Joseph Pugliese, Biopolitics of the More-Than-Human – by Chris Wilbert

John Molyneux, The Dialectics of Art – by Michael Löwy

Avery F. Gordon, The Hawthorn Archive – by Elena Loizidou

Seb Franklin, The Digitally Disposed – by Marc Kohlbry

Publisher: Radical Philosophy / 2.11
Medium: Magazine


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