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Radical Philosophy - 2.05


Planetary Utopias
Angela Davis, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Nikita Dhawan

What a body can do
Elsa Dorlin

Hegel’s racism for radicals
Rei Terada

Maya Kronfeld – The philosopher’s bass drum

Dossier: Saba Mahmood in Memoriam

  •  Ratna Kapur – The Radical Intellectual Legacy of Saba Mahmood
  •  Sian Melvill Hawthorne – Thinking critically with Saba Mahmood
  •  Pinar Kemerli – Calls, Invitations, Summons


Fumi Okiji, Jazz as Critique (by Dhanveer Singh Brar)

C. Heike Schotten, Queer Terror (by Rahul Rao)

Jaleh Mansoor, Marshall Plan Modernism (Luisa Lorenza Corna)

Catherine Rottenberg, The Rise of Neoliberal Feminism (by Lynne Segal)

Marina Vishmidt, Speculation as a Mode of Production (by Josefine Wikström)

Laurent De Sutter, Narcocapitalism (by Amedeo Policante)

Saul Newman, Political Theology: A Critical Introduction (by Luke Collison)

Chris Hesketh, Spaces of Capital/Spaces of Resistance (by Sam Halvorsen)

Publisher: Radical Philosophy / 2.05
Medium: Magazine


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