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Superuse Studios - Parici Wall Lamp Medium

A new line of design products by Rotterdam’s famous recycling architects
group. A perspex lamp, made of colourful semi-transparent photograph
prints of perfume commercials (Ici Paris, hence the name) that were
considered waste material. The plates were cut and shaped in such a way
that they can be components for various shapes and sizes. This ‘Wall Lamp Medium’ measures 82 cm as longest axe.
You get them as a
build-it-yourself kit, really easy to make, complete with  fitting, lamp
and transparent power chord, in a stylish packaging with Superuse
Available in a mix of either blue/ish, red/ish or grey/ish colours. Please mention your preferred colour combi in your order.

Label: Superuse Studios / WALL MEDIUM
Medium: Art Object
Category: .


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