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Neural - #61 – Speculative Pink


Cornelia Sollfrank
Lílian Campesato
Faith Holland
Mary Flanagan
Linda O’Keeffe

Cornelia Sollfrank
Lílian Campesato
Faith Holland
Mary Flanagan
Linda O’Keeffe


Artificial Paradise? Immersion in Space and Time
Global Control: RIXC Art Science Festival 2018


Anatomy of an AI System, fierce materiality
Data Shop, ermetic data can
alone together, the robotic absence of a female body
Cogito, thoughts into outer space
Biometric Mirror, And if you were perfect?
Anti-Marta, intimate mutual transplants
Imaginary Soundwalk, which sound should be here?
Insect songs, interspecies music
Distance, so optically close, so perceptually far
Narciss, AI digital consciousness
Spiralalala, falling sounds in a spiral
Putting the Pieces Back Together Again, sorting out complexity
Man/Woman in the Middle, Sub-title
The Boost Project, gasbag!
Phantom Islands, sounds from the imagined geography


Sonic Territories, monumental loudspeakers to the people


Paul Thomas / Quantum Art & Uncertainty
(edited by) G. Friesinger, E. Van Hulzen / Juliana Herrero, REM 1:1:
Tara McPherson / Feminist in a Software Lab
Tero Karppi / Disconnect
M.Eriksson, R.Fleischer, A.Johansson, P.Snickars, P.Vonderau / Spotify Teardown
(edited by) M.-D. Hosale, S. Murrani, A. de Campo / Worldmaking as Techné
Marie Hicks / Programmed Inequality
(edited by) Julia Eckhardt / Grounds for Possible Music
(edited by) Pedro Gadanho / Eco-Visionaries
David Parisi / Archaeologies of Touch
Kristen Gallerneaux / High Static, Dead Lines
C. U. Andersen, S. B. Pold / The Metainterface
Holger Schulze / The Sonic Persona
(ed. by) K. Archey, Metahaven / PSYOP: An Anthology
(edited by) D. Landwehr, Migros-Kulturprozent / Media Arts in Switzerland

cd reviews

Michael Lightborne: Sounds of the Projection Box: Gruenrekorder
Amantra vs Submerged: Lost Direction: Kvitnu
B. van Dongen & R. van Kruysdijk: One Two Three Four Five: Opa Loka
Biblioteq Mdulair: Primitive Electronics Brain Dance: aussenraum
Christian Skjødt: Illumination: Tonometer
Eraldo Bernocchi & Chihei Hatakeyama: Solitary Universe: Aagoo
Ingar Zach | Speak Percussion: Before Nightfall One: Sofa
Isabel Latorre & Edu Comelles: For Pauline:Crónica
Florian Wittenburg: Four waves: Nurnichtnur
Leslie Ross: Drop by Drop, Suddenly: XI Records
Okkyung Lee: Cheol-Kkot-Sae: Tzadik
RDTK: Human Resources: Denovali
Rudolf Eb.er: Om Kult: Ritual Practice of Conscious Dying – Vol. I : Om Kult
The Vegetable Orchestra: Green Album: Transacoustic Research
T. Arthurs & A. Novello: Cahier De Petits Coquillages Vol. IV/V: Setola Di Maiale
Xabier Erkizia: Il Rumore Lontano: SUPSI
Trondheim Voices + Asle Karstad: Rooms & Rituals: Grappa
Uruk: Mysterium Coniunctionis: Ici D’Ailleurs/Mind Travels
Various Artists: Donostia Noise: Audiolab
Vitor Joaquim: Impermanence: Vitor Joaquim

Publisher: Neural / ISSN: 2037-108X
Author: Neural
Medium: Magazine


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