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Mik Quantius - Mik Mich

Almost 10 years after his last solo LP, finally a new album on cassette, released by Rotterdam’s Het Generiek.

“German vocal artist Mik Quantius summons a one-man parallel universe on Mik Mich with just his own throat and an ill-sounding keyboard. His voice contorts through odd croons, growls and a flood of twisted glossolalia, while his keyboard playing takes in mashed fanfares and parping preset dances […] The fact these songs are often so close to something much more commercial makes them so triumphant – as though the familiar form has been hijacked by a mischievous spirit and aloud to run truly free.” (The Quietus)

“He speaks in tongues and comes in piece. He’s the krautrock Beefheart. He’s the esoteric metalhead. He’s a one man voodoo ritual. He’s Neil from The Young Ones and Garth from Wayne’s World in one.” (It’s Psychedelic Baby! Magazine)

1. mikh 01:33
2. mikrg 01:47
3. mikblbp 02:58
4. mikr 03:05
5. mik3 04:32
6. mihrn 02:46
7. mikjlk 03:14
8. mikk 03:34
9. mikjblk 02:43
10. miklk 04:10

Label: Het Generiek / HG04
Artist: Mik Quantius
Medium: Music Cassette
Category: .


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