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Maya Verlaak - All English Music is Greensleeves

Belgian composer and sound artist Maya Verlaak has followed unconventional paths from a young age, which became clear to me when I saw her perform with a group of like-minded spirits, fellow students at the Conservatory around 2010, The Acid Police Noise Ensemble. Their Fluxus-like actionism was refreshing, and Maya has managed to continue on this track in her own professional practice. These pieces, mostly composed for the ensemble Apartment House are open, playful, and in a way a bit nostalgic. Apartment House are a perfect match, as they like avant-garde, and their members don’t like the traditional role of mindlessly performing a score, while Verlaak in her turn prefers them to be co-creators and to challenge them to think against current standards and to play games with her.

1. ‘Lark’  (2014, rev. 2019)    9:14   listen to an extract here.
Apartment House (cello, violin, piano, clarinet, horn, glockenspiel and Verlaak on amplified music box)

2. ‘Formation de Sarah’ (2019)    8:03
Sarah Saviet, violin

3. ‘All English Music is Greensleeves’  (2014, rev. 2019)    10:30   listen to an extract here.
Apartment House (cello, violins, piano, trumpet, horn, melodica and electronics by Verlaak)

4. ‘Formation de Mark’  (2020)    10:33
Mark Knoop, piano

5. ‘Song and Dance’  (2017)    15:10
Apartment House (cello, viola, violins, piano, clarinet, flute, sandpaper and electronics by Verlaak)

All these works were beautifully recorded in 2020. Nice plain white cardboard gatefold cover.


Label: Another Timbre / at164
Artist: Maya Verlaak
Medium: CD
Category: .


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