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John Olson - Life is A Rip Off

12 months of record reviews—one record a day, every day, for one year. Yes, John Olson aka Inzane Johnny of the band Wolf Eyes aka American Tapes did that. And he reviewed everything from death metal demo cassettes to The Staples Singers gospel. Find out about music you’ve never known, bands from places that you’ve never heard, and then read his review of Kansas. This book will make you re-realize why blues is relevant, why every punk band matters, why jazz is good for the heart, and metal will always ride by your side.

The book’s a paperback and its style is simple and all black & white, like a self-made xeroxed zine (with 375 pages, thank goodness!). It’s one review per page, and the covers are all pictured, too. There is a link where you can hear the audio, while you read! What more can you want.

“To write music op-ed this good, you have to tap the primordial sap sack, to butterfly stroke the ancient ooze of tune begatment, cave dwell with the knuckle draggers, scratch symbols into the dirt with the freaks and make it rain. He do and it did”. — Henry Rollins

Publisher: Third Man Books / ISBN 9780996401609
Author: John Olson
Medium: Book


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