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Pierre Henry - Labyrinthe!

First performance commissioned by Radio France in March 2003. ’For the first time during my journey and ventures into the world of creation, I dreamt of a breath of fresh air deriving from the electronic realm. ‘Labyrinthe’ emerged as the result. All in all, a collaborative work achieved, overcoming the distance between its sources. The sound cuts from GRM reached me as set of reflections, like ‘cadavre exquis’. Fragments in any order, all on CD, sent by post, 7 composers, 7 colleagues sent me 58 tracks of varying lengths in various keys. this continuity inspired me to create a maze-like musical form, in concentric volumes, all thoroughly intertwining with each other. Above all, my contribution is intended to be harmonic. I take great care in attending to any drifting effects occuring with other sounds. A smooth descent for all, in their order of entry into the subterranean: Francois Donato, Yann Geslin, Evelyne Gayou, Diego Losa, Christian Zanési, Daniel Teruggi, Philippe Dao.’ (Pierre Henry)

Label: INA GRM / INA C 2022
Artist: Pierre Henry
Medium: CD
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