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Kindling - #1: Parazoan Mapping #2 by Eric La Casa and Taku Unami

Kindling #1 is the first edition of an ongoing series of artist-run digital+paper sound-art releases curated by Eamon Sprod (AKA Tarab) exploring the intersection of digitally shared sound and printed image and text. It is only available as a newspaper plus digital file (Tabloid size with a download code included). Taku Unami and Eric La Casa had the honour to create this release with their Parazoan Mapping #2 continuing their collaborative work that started on Erstwhile recordings in 2015 as “Parazoan Mapping”.
Through their individual practices, Taku Unami and Eric La Casa have explored how we listen and practice sound and music, and where these might collide or overlap.

For more than 20 years, while listening to the environment, Éric La Casa (born 1968, Tours, lives and works in Paris) has been questioning the perception of reality and has expanded the notion of what’s musical today. Through his aesthetic of capturing sound, his work fits equally into the fields of sound art and music. As a result of his in situ listening processes, he creates forms (of attention) that creep into the venues, slowly infuse there, and become other possible spaces. In the same way that the letter stimulates a country’s reading, the in situ aesthetic object renews our relationship to space and landscape.

Taku Unami is a Japanese producer and performer of multi-instrumental, improvised, and unclassifiable (non-)music. Influenced by cosmic-pessimism, science-fiction, supernatural-horror, and weird-fiction, his work involves the myriad playing of string instruments, piano, synthesizers, recording hardware and software, and “obfuscated everyday, non-musical objects.

Published in 2024, 16 pages “newspaper”, 289x380mm

Publisher: Kindling / kindling 1
Author: Kindling
Medium: Magazine


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