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Wilhelm Hein & Annette Frick - Jenseits der Trampelpfade Heft 14

“Fachblatt fuer Fotografie Film und andere Kunst.” Februar 2014. Robust periodical (more than 325 pages in this issue) in which Wilhelm and Annette are joined by some of the friends who made an appearance in the previous issue of “Trampelpfade”: John Heys, Nick Zedd, Shirin Barthel and Florian Cramer. Nick Zedd presents his extremist manifesto and writes about what it means to be an artist. Florian Cramer talks disparagingly about the threadbare moniker “Creative industries”. To start out with, there’s filmtalk discussing “Light Flight”, Annette’s film which premiered during the 2012 Berlinale. Included is some poetry, an In Memoriam for Taylor Mead and an intellectual exercise entitled STUDIES IN QUEER ANIMAL FILM PRAxxIS (“Nicht-oedipale Tiere, Deterritorialisierungskarussell und armes Kino”). Besides (revealing) photographs and collages, Annette and Wilhelm have complied another DVD with lots of goodies, both old and recent (Jack Smith “Lost Film”, early sixties; BERLIN OFF ON WALL, 1978, Wieland Speck; Sex Pistols & Berlin Wall, 1978, Babeth Mondini van Loo; A.I.D.S.C.R.E.A.M.-Ecce homo, 1989, Jerry Tartaglia, to name but a few).

Publisher: Own / 14
Medium: Magazine + DVD


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