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Jarra - Unreasonable Silence

One single track of 31″55′ on a limited edition CD. Only 25 copies, for the world šŸ˜‰ As usual, packaged in a minimalistic design, no text, just a print on tracing paper, and a CD that is white on the printable side.
“Listening to ā€œUnreasonable Silenceā€ draws you into an endless dark space.
While listening deeply, the temperature of your body drops. You are waiting for something. Instead, you find yourself floating like a spaceship in sound streams through the gates of dreaming, or is it awakening?
The spaceship is moving through darkness, cutting through air, rubbing against the iron gates making them sing high notes by scratching.”

Label: Own
Artist: Jarra
Medium: CD-R
Category: .


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