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Extra Extra - Issue 9

Extra Extra, ‘Nouveau Magazine Erotique’ strives for the ultimate sensual experience, with intimate interviews, emerging essays and sweltering visual imagery in 176 pages. They want you to lose yourself in the stories of a fiery imaginative city life while Extra Extra unveils the hidden pleasures of Cape Town, Antwerp, London, Winnipeg, Moscow, Tehran, Hamburg, Amsterdam and New York. With contributions by Nico Krijno, Laure Prouvost, Sarah Anne Johnson, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Nikolay Bakharev, Kahlil Joseph, Michael Portnoy, and Celia Hempton, among others.

More details about the contents:

Palme d’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul shares mythical sensory experiences, tenderness and warm humor with writer Paul Dallas. Do you also wonder how relationships can heal and expend our consciousness?
Devouring an artwork by Laure Prouvost is to swallow the seductive elements that fathom and stick the audience through lactation, smell, secretion, and corpulence; curator Natasha Hoare explores in what way Laure succumbs to a state of lush and allurement.
Daring a view of Aaron McElroy’s crude and delicate photographs, meanwhile sucking a toe, and pulling out the tang; artist Sarah Anne Johnson blows up sparkles of abstract paint on your bed, beyond the surrealist nudes; photographer Nikolay Bakharev brings a sweltering and delicate worlds of affection through his lens; artist Sam Samiee composes posters for your bedroom, sensibly depicting boys’ voluptuousness when asleep. Do you want to play with Extra Extra writer Fatos Ustek? Her Musings piece is a philosophical emulation about the sensuality of play, and what elapses an encounter.
Biting, chewing words, performer Michael Portnoy explores the unity between sex and language in diverse societies and intriguing rituals, and how the rhythm of thoughts unfolds through prose-poetic in our feature Some Thoughts On. Do you ever night walk? Author Matthew Beaumont takes you on a literary journey in the sensuous and obscure streets of London with you, sharing the dangerous and the sensual of night walking.

The Urbex on Hamburg lies in the hands of author Kerstin Niemann, who opens to us the gate of pleasure, sharing stories of sailors, crocodiles, and drag queens.

Publisher: Extra Extra
Author: Extra Extra
Medium: Magazine


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