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Ptôse - Ignobles Limaces

Ptôse were an amazing band from Niort, France,  active from 1979 to 1987. They were involved in the international underground network (cassette culture, mail art) through their own label PPP (Ptôse Production Présente). Their music was synth based, with drum machines and funny voices, quite rough and primitive-sounding, and they were often coined  “the French Residents”, though associations with bands like Devo or Der Plan pop up, too.

Ignobles Limaces from 1984 (label AYAA) was the first studio album by Ptôse, graced with cover art by the American illustrator Mark Beyer. The Gazul label reissued it together with “Night Of The Reptiles”, a tape from 1983 with a lot of unreleased and alternative tracks. A feast for the ears…

Label: Gazul / GA 8680
Artist: Ptôse
Medium: LP
Category: .


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