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Alvin Lucier - I am Sitting in a Room

One of Lucier’s most classic works and a cornerstone in the world of resonant frequencies, composed in 1970. Performed by Lucier on recorded voice, tape machines, delay. ‘In this fascinating exploration of acoustical phenomena, Alvin Lucier slips from the domain of language to that of music in the course of 40 minutes and 32 repetitions of a simple paragraph of text. In ‘I am sitting in a room’, several sentences of recorded speech are simultaneously played back into a room and re-recorded there many times. As the repetitive process continues, those sounds common to the original spoken statement and those implied by the structural dimensions of the room are reinforced. The others are gradually eliminated. The space acts as a filter; the speech is transformed into pure sound. All the recorded segments are spliced together in the order in which they were made and constitute the work.


Label: Lovely Music / LCD 1013
Medium: CD
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