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Eddie Prévost - Minute Particulars

Second volume by Prévost after “No Sound is Innocent”, published in 2007. Subtitled: “Meanings in music-making in he wake of hierarchical realignments and other essays”, it includes twenty-nine thought-provoking essays on ideas, perceptions, reactions and the practices of improvised music, as well as a short index.
Two thirds of the book is a single sweep across the musical terrain that Eddie knows best: improvisation, Cage and Cardew and their legacy, and particularly to the responsibility a performer has to her/his public and to the music he or she is making (an unfashionable topic today). Interestingly he takes fellow AMM member Keith Rowe to task on these topics and nails his own flag to the mast of intentionality. The rest of the book comprises a number of short articles from various sources including critical assessments of (yes) Wynton Marsalis and more controversially of John Zorn, and much interesting biographical material, always from a broad social perspective. This is writing by a sincere and honest man, still asking the difficult questions and not afraid to go against the grain.

Paperback, 177 pages.

Publisher: Copula / Matchless / ISBN: 9780952549208
Medium: Book


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