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Heyheyhey - Comfortzone and Disillusion – Heyheyhey Land

HeyHeyHey (Erik Sjouerman & Elske van der Putten) could be labelled as graphic designers, street artists, intervention artist or product designers. But their work transcends the realm of human relations, of education, of politics, indeed of their very own personal experience. The approach is critical and subversive, but the outcome is playful and unfettered. Think: new experiences, getting together to play a game, experimenting with confetti, and the Too Much Fun Club (no such thing as). This publication showcases the works of HeyHeyHey without any of the usual frills. Apart from an explanation of the rules of the game (HeyHeyHeyland), no other commentary. In their own words: Being a serious designer has nothing to do with being serious.

Publisher: Onomatopee / # 50.5 - Nest #6
Author: Heyheyhey
Medium: Magazine


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