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Catalina Matorral - Untitled

An aberrant but delightful sound full of chimeric narration, heady verses, pop fragments, horizontal synths, distorted technologies – is what this duo of Marion Cousin and Borja Flames brings!
“It is a sound theater where androids dream of electric sheep, a spellbook where medieval illuminations sit next to printed circuit boards, where each sentence is an indecipherable secret, a Jivaro poem, an incantation to lift enchantments. The slightest sound seems to be animated by an autonomous thought.” (label notes)

My associations when I hear this are Catherine Jauniaux, or Brigitte Fontaine & Areski. Catalina Matorral ( synths, electric guitar and electronic and acoustic percussions) show that avant-garde folk song-writing is still happening. Guest appearances by Gaspar Claus (cello), Igor Estrabol (clarinet, trumpet and flugelhorn), Renaud Cousin (drums) and Ernest Bergez (violin and sound mixing).

Recorded from 2013 to 2020 between Torret, Minorca and Lucy-sur-Cure, Burgundy and released in 2021.


1. Aqua La Mordance 04:13
2. La Voyance 03:28
3. Grande Table 03:38
4. Tournement 04:52
5. No Place 03:26
6. Que Jambes 01:14
7. La Tresse 03:26
8. Que Ventre 02:16
9. Autel 02:46
10. Le Couteau 03:02

Label: Mascarpone Discos / DM91
Medium: Music Cassette
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