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Various Artists - Berlin Tape Run

The various Tape Run editions were an initiative of Rinus Van Alebeek. Reminiscent of the early days of the cassette culture when cassettes travelled all over the globe and through the years turned into audio documents, the Berlin Tape Run was initiated to restore this movement, but also to bring it to another level. The cassette was handed over in person from one artist to the other. During four months in 2009 the tape changed hands and places in Berlin. The track order follows this trip; it started on the 15th of May and ended in September.

About the packaging: the image below gives an idea, each package was hand-assembled from one-off materials.

Side A

1 They gave her a name – Topmodel vs. The Shitty Listener & Guests
2 I have built a tower of seven tape players – Balz Isler
3 Phrase book – Preslav Literary School
4 “Train” – Stephane Leonard
5 “OWTS4M” – Kakawaka
6 Theme from Thomas Park – Rinus van Alebeek

Side B

7 ‘opening boxes’ – James Edmonds
8 milk causing realisation – Beryl Smith/Lara Szanne Schröder
9 ’visitation 159’ – Marcel Turkowsky
10 ‘?’ – Melanie Velarde
11 “Gramophone Recording #7 – Kate Donovan


1 (Kreuzberg) was recorded with a cassette walkman by Michael Northam at Trodel, Berlin, on April, 12 2009, Unauthorized publication by Rinus van Alebeek.

2 ( Neukolln) The one at the bottom and the one on top repeat for 90 minutes of the tape: “brot”. The other five players repeat (heard from bottom to top respectively): “Salat, Zwiebeln, Tomaten, Fleisch and Kase.” The listener is free to choose what he likes to hear, by playing the tapes accordingly to his taste. Those who prefer a vegetarian version can stop the player with the “Fleisch” – sound.

3 (Neukolln) is an original track recorded using voice, laptop and four-track cassette recorder

4 (Neukolln) is obviously a recording of a train. In fact this is me (= Stephane Leonard) riding between 2 coaches in a Romanian rain going from Sibiu to Bucharest in April 2009. I processed the recording to make it sound a bit more like how I felt that day …

5 (Neukolln) The button click from the previous recording was digitally processed and stretched out to 4 minutes for this track.

6 (Neukolln) recorded at Thomas Park in Berlin Neukolln on a Sunday afternoon. This piece is inspired by and maybe a remix of Theme from a Woolley Place by The Tubes.

7 (Friedrichshain) this piece was recorded to this tape by radio transmission on 3rd June 2009 moments before leaving Berlin forEngland

8 (Friedrichshain) recorded in England before going into the hospital, using viola, guitar, the blue tape recorder and Dictaphone recording of Mrs.Cat: I (= BHS/LSS) don’t want to ever hear this again

9 (Friedrichshain) this audio piece is taken from my (= Marcel Turkowsky) personal Para psychic research archive and was recorded with a Maitra ZRK 246 reel to reel machine in April 1997. I recorded during the night something for my dead star S., researching the electronic voice phenomenon, well and this particular night this showed up surprisingly.

10 (Prenzlauer Berg) got a bit lost on the tape – live recording in my (= Melanie Velarde) bathroom with recordings from the attic opposite my place.

11 (Kreuzberg)

Label: Staaltape
Medium: Music Cassette
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