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Bazuinschal - Bazuingeschal

Dennis Tyfus (voice, tape) and Mette Rasmussen (sax, objects), recorded this raw, powerful improv stuff for Dennis´ Ultra Eczema label at SIM Studio in Antwerp, Belgium. Norway-based, Danish saxophonist Mette rinses out the brassiest parps and spittle-flecked sounds from her instrument. In the first and longest part, Mette seems to match Dennis’ wordless chants thru her instrument, before they both trip hard into more hellish scenes, like the soundtrack to a demonic detail from a Bosch painting. A passage of bestial, tape-warped vox and plangent bleats then follows into the possessed styles of the B-side, slipping from throat-wrecking gargles and brittle brass scrapings to pranging metal percussions, gnarled parp and again, back to nightmare-inducing, animalistic connotations.

Label: Ultra Eczema / 218
Artist: Bazuinschal
Medium: LP
Category: .


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