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Arnold de Boer - Minimal Guitar

A typical pandemic-era release. Arnold, leaving all desillusions from cancelled gigs at home, decided to take a walk around Amsterdam. Following the Ring road A10, both from the inside and the outside, he walked without a map, tried to keep as close to the highway as possible but got lost several times. When home, he sat down and played what came to mind. This is the result of those sessions, pressed vinyl in an edition of only 200. The recording is perfect: warm, sensitive, intimate. Bringing back that feeling of isolation and contemplation. Beautiful.

1. A region with a degree in redemption 03:57
2. Bike ride with Agape 05:22
3. Rapprochement 05:20
4. In the shade on the lee side 04:55
5. Belt 03:52
6. Who is here is from here 05:08
7. How good was the fire 05:34
8. Lastwagen 03:49

Label: Own / january 2021
Medium: LP
Category: .


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