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Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda - Ke I Te Ki

Aki Onda and Akio Suzuki have frequently performed together and here is their second duo album since Ma Ta Ta Bi in 2014. The performance was recorded in 2015 in New York City at The Emily Harvey Foundation, formerly home to the studio of Fluxus founder George Maciunas. Onda and Suzuki have performed together often during the last half a decade. “We have a tendency to perceive sound as space, or to always consider sound in relation to space,” says Onda. “We don’t usually hear the sound sources as they actually are, since they are always modified by a space’s acoustics and its reflections, absorptions, and attenuation. When we play, we listen carefully to and respond to the extra acoustics of these phenomena. Our ears have to be wide open, constantly adjusting to ever-changing detail. Nothing is fixed.”

Ke I Te Ki, according to Onda, in Japanese means “the sound of an alarm, or a whistle to call attention to a hazardous event”. The album was released in 2018 in a pocket sleeve, embossed, monochromatic print with matte coating and insert.




Label: Room40 / RM499
Medium: CD
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