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Adbusters - # 153 – The New Left

“.. we unleash a movement that operates completely outside of geographic borders and political structures — the Third Force — to revitalize the forces of resistance and point the way to a future that computes.”

This issue of Adbusters warms you up for a new book that is coming up this year:
“The Third Force: Field Guide to a New World Order”. I suppose it will be written by Kalle Lasn, founder and central force behind Adbusters.  In this magazine I find a lengthy article written by him, looking back to his career as political rebel, as well as looking forward, in his words: “Caught in an existential crisis with no obvious way out, we begin to question the hidden coordinates of our reality and start thinking about a new operating system for Planet Earth. We hatch a new grand narrative, a set of ideas so fundamental, so systemic, so profound that a sane sustainable future is unthinkable without them.”

Adbusters is a global network of artists, activists, writers, environmentalists, feminists, pranksters, students, educators, punks and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Not a bad idea eh? Go to adbusters.org

NB: the 2 images below the cover here are from their web page with “spoof ads”.

Publisher: Adbusters / 153 - The new left
Author: Adbusters
Medium: Magazine


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