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Brandon Labelle - Acoustic Territories – Sound Culture and Everyday Life

Brandon Labelle, the author of Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art, takes his interest in the dynamics of sonic materiality and experience a step further in Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life (Continuum Books, 2010), by focusing on the contemporary urban space. He elaborates on how sound comes to circulate through the built environment, to condition architectural spaces, and to form the basis for social and cultural projects. Each chapter sets out to query particular sites or topographies, such as underground spaces, the street or the home, investigating how sound lends to experiences of place. This is further explored by considering place according to particular sonic figures or behaviour. Understandings of echo, vibration, feedback, rhythm, silence, noise and transmission are used to investigate and unfold particular auditory histories and cultural narratives, and to detail the sonic geographies of everyday life. At the same time the author examines the possiblities of sound as a means for social transformation: how does sound participate within forms of resistance, and how might acts of listening influence understandings of community, difference, and the future city?

Publisher: Continuum Books / ISBN: 978-1-4411-6136-9
Medium: Book


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