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~emb - 607f/s

I really like this! This duo from Sardinia, Italy, make crisp, airy electronic stuff inspired by IDM sonorities.
Side A (fst) is characterised by simple melodic progressions and dynamic structures which oscillate between textures and beats.
Side B (slw) is characterised by dilated and arrhythmic zones which are broken by complex sound events. The decay of these events generates new silences and textures in slow evolution.
Every single track has been recorded live without any additional editing. Nice stylishly minimalistic packaging: white tape in white card with black print, no plastic box.
1. fst.t4rp 06:00
2. fst.llef 05:32
3. fst.0B_@strtt 06:24
4. slw.lw0s 05:28
5. slw.clitch 03:24
6. slw.1p_cp 07:24
7. lw0s (Plast remix) 05:40

Label: Nona / NONA-005
Artist: ~emb
Medium: Music Cassette
Category: .


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