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The Wire - WIRE #407 – 2017 Rewind

The Rewind issues of The Wire are always a highlight allowing you to get a more complete picture of the sounds that mattered in the past year – after all there’s always something that escapes attention…

This Rewind even has an audio-visual cover! You can play around with it via a specially made app.

Releases of the year: All WIRE contributors to nominate their top ten records, CDs, downloads and streams of the year, here’s the result based on vote counts.
Critic’s reflections: WIRE contributors look back on 2017’s cultural highs and lows

Bordering On Chaos: Joe Muggs on the increasing importance of global music networks

Performing Miracles: Robert Barry on the narrowing gap between modern composition and performance

Survival Instinct: Marc Masters on post break-up bands

In The Grey Area: Britt Brown examines the legacy of Oakland’s Ghost Ship fire

Wilted Woman: Producer Lizzie Davis stays home and gets anxious. By Chal Ravens
Domas Strupinskas & Saulius Petreikis: The Lithuanian folk duo get creatively anachronistic. By Francis Gooding
Rakta: The Brazilian witch rock trio bring mythology to screaming life. By Meg Woof

Global Ear: Lagos: Meeting challenges from new media, the Nigerian capital’s broadcasters are stepping up their game. By Jack Pepper

Collateral Damage: Box Set Blues: The box set has consequences for the very music it is designed to celebrate and preserve. By Sam Lefebvre

Invisible Jukebox: Hessle Audio: Will Ben UFO and Pearson Sound find themselves “Blanked” by The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Chal Ravens

The Inner Sleeve: Joachim Nordwall on Cabaret Voltaire’s The Voice Of America

Epiphanies: Neil Kulkarni recalls a whacked out juvenile trance

On Screen: Theo Anthony Rat Film

..plus of course loads of music reviews, book reviews, event reviews…

Publisher: The Wire / 407
Author: The Wire
Medium: Magazine
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