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Adbusters - # 169: A Manifesto for World Revolution

Can we brainstorm globally? Learn to act as one? Work our way out of the existential fix we’re in and begin a new chapter in the human story? Look in the mirror. See if you still have some fire in your eyes.


We make the straight line wobble


we upend the current world order


we kill a corp


we make the price of every product tell the ecological truth


we move from economics to bionomics


we reverse the money flows


we launch the mental liberation front (MLF)

Adbusters is one of a handful of magazines in the world that receives zero funding from advertising, corporate sponsorship or government/foundation grants. They are entirely reader-supported so every dollar raised through sales goes directly back into their campaigns and the production of the magazine. When you buy Adbusters, you are joining a network of artists and activists committed to speaking truth to power without reservation.

“Analysis, inspiration and sexy ‘overn-ready’ campaigns in this latest fantastic offering from our friends at Adbusters.” (Dr. Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion UK)

Publisher: Adbusters / 169 - a manifesto for world revolution
Author: Adbusters
Medium: Magazine


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