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WOOF! - # 1

A magazine that tips the hat of art house enthusiasts. That gives the finger to serious movie buffs and rapes the mind of every blockbuster fan-boy and girl. WOOF! dives head first into the gritty and sleazy, the dirty and cheesy.
Mr. WOOF wrote many of the articles, inspired as he was by his own VHS cult collection, furthermore reviews by Irish Drezz, blockbuster-basher Tim (Hugh Rant) Baumgarten, Porn laygirl Laura Louwes and porn-directing lessons by Erik (Mr. Pervert) Zijlstra. All this illuminated by a mixed pallet of suitable imagery by Niels Lohmann, Evert-Jan Soepboer, Heiko Peschel, Jarmo van Berkel, Marieke Pras, Niek Hölscher, Peter Oosterhoff, Juul Barnard, Coen Vosveld, Ricardo Gómez Becerra, Eva and Anne Staal, Jasper Staal and Sam Peeters.

Publisher: Own
Author: WOOF!
Medium: Magazine


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