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Tacet - #03 – From Sound Space

De l’espace sonore. Tacet (subtitled Sound in the Arts) is a bilingual and annual publication documenting and researching sound arts and experimental music. A critical compendium (under the auspices of Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin) designed to create an interdisciplinary and international space of reflection for these practices, in all its aesthetic diversity. Tacet, as John Cage showed so well in 4’33”, designates a moment of silence observed by an instrumentalist during the whole period of a movement. By extension, it becomes, as the title of this publication, a moment of introspection, of reflectivity and reflection, where music interrupts itself to give way to research and theoretical questioning. In an analogous way, Tacet aims to contribute to the renewal of theoretical research by confronting and intersecting artists’ and musicians’ statements, by juxtaposing the different perspectives of aesthetics, musicology and the philosophy of art, meanwhile incorporating ideas from cultural & gender studies, political theory, social sciences and geography. The third in this series discusses ideas involving sound and spatiality, public space, audience, contemporary spatial paradigms, amplification (power) and environment. Contributions by Alvin Lucier, Paul Panhuysen, Douglas Kahn, Michael Gallagher and Paul Hegarty, amongst others.

Publisher: Les presses du réel / ISBN: 978-2-84066-717-9
Author: Tacet
Medium: Magazine


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