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.. And Then On Sunday 5 November:

Popping up at : Back To The Future in WORM, Rotterdam. A unique 2-day festival for moving images and optical sound; a celebration of the analogue film with an international programme of audio-visual performances, films, presentations, lectures and installations. I’ll be in the WORM foyer on Sunday (the second day) from noon till 11 PM. […]

Underbelly on Cassette Store Day

Hook on to the the world-wide Cassette Store Day – a nice idea from WORM’s Pirate Bay. WORM Rotterdam, 14 October. I’ll dig up all my tape and tape-related items, like soaps in the shape of cassettes, or tape jewelry…

Underbelly meets AWOTT

An unexpected treat in a newly discovered little venue in Rotterdam-Zuid. Awott sounds great, and probably will look just as good. Plus: Sajjra from Peru, VAT from France. plus me popping up in some corner. view the facebook event here. So it’s in a place called MIR, Hillevliet 98, Rotterdam, on Tuesday 30 May at […]

Underbelly at TEC ART 2017

Yes! It’s that time of the year again. During Art Rotterdam the TEC ART anarchists will bring some welcome disruption in the city. Underbelly is in the WORM expo! More here.

Janek Schaefer & Radboud Mens & Underbelly live…

Two illustrious artists on stage at WORM, Rotterdam, 22 July. And me joining in with some hot new items plus old goodies. Check that event here.

POW Ensemble Plays Gertrude Stein (Sunday 3 July)

This will be so good, in a nice and intimate space in Rotterdam Zuid. A top-notch avant-garde music ensemble. And me on the sideline with an appropriate selection of music books and magazines, old and new. More info here.

Underbelly’s Futurosity Store @ WORM

The coming four days it’s Futurosity time! If you’re into the more bizarre practices in science fiction, into Philip K. Dick’s writings, into utopian and dystopian visions, click here to take a look at the extensive program. And come check Underbelly’s Futurosity shop, all four days until midnight!

Peruvian Underground at WORM, Rotterdam

Popping up with a good selection of global sounds and writings, at Aloardi Fest this Friday. A really special program! MORE INFO: Aloardi is based in Lima, Peru, and started in 1998 as one of the first labels and independent platforms in South and Central America diffusing and producing experimental music, audiovisual art, sound related […]

Underbelly and the Avant-Garde of Folk Music

This Saturday at WORM, Rotterdam, Vrooom presents an impressive double bill. Josephine Foster and Stranded Horse. A great voice, and great fingerpicking at guitar and, yes, kora!  Meet me in the sidelines of this special event with relevant records, books, etc.  More info here.

Eugene Chadbourne back in Rotterdam

Really looking forward to bringing a customized little shop to De Nieuwe Ruimte this Friday, for Under the Radar #10. Starring Eugene Chadbourne & Schroeder and the trio Lopes/Almeida/Smal. More about the event here.